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Ingenuity & Innovation

The main issues that are faced by our society today,  are to maintain a healthy world for the enablement of the community to sustain a life worth living. To guide our children in the right direction, and helping them to understand the importance of caring for the environment, as part of our self-care. 

People thrive to achieve a good standard of life. There are so many things we as a human race could possibly gain from, aiming to change the less responsible ways, that have become the normal level. That having been said what exactly is it we as a human race have to change is another.

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To start a revolution of change you need incentive, the impetus is a simple one I love the environment. So it has become mine, as I contemplate many others as well. Since an early age I was allowed to explore nature, and enjoyed it, built tree houses and just being in it, whether it was woodland or farmland. Being brought up going to the countryside, picking strawberries, and seeing bluebells was just part off how things were. I was not aware that it was a lucky thing to do, some may call it privilege, yet is experiencing nature meant to be an elitist event, I hardly feel that to be so.  

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Until you start to miss those things, you do not really see them diminish. Yet when you do they have been partly destroyed, this fuels the incentive about the loss. Maybe it's more about the loss of the memories that we have had. That's important as our generations have lost so much yet will never remember, potentially, what we have lost. Because they have never seen what it was like before. So each generation potentially could lose more each time. The destruction has to stop, so the regeneration can happen, were there is wasteland then a forest or learning environment can be constructed. Out of the muck and mire doth the flowers bloom. 

The world has started to upcycle, recycle, and renovate the old and renew. In my part I use second hand semi-precious  or precious stones that I have obtained from various sources. Making new jewellery to create very functional pieces for those who know the properties of healing with stones. Whether it is old leather from the meat industry, or coconut buttons and something functional has come from the past, by reusing waste from another industry. If we cherish this life, we were given as a gift, then we owe ourselves and the larger source of our existence to heal were possible. In an aim to stabilize our reality, forge a healthier means of survival.


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