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Body Protection is the category that has clothing that are made for shielding the body from the outer world. As much as we would like it to be a healthy place at present it is a little perturbing at times, with all the wars and conflict here we are aiming for a little more inner peace, to aid the larger picture.

100% cotton Trouser & Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Organic Underwear for Children & Adults

The Underwear is made of the best Organic materials we could find, that could be found the material originating in the east in Indonesia, the thread is from the west of the world, all being manufactured into products that aim to help the lives of healthy minded people. The intention is to purely aid our conservation of our own integrity, so we may attain a level of health so we may aid others to gain there's.

The idea behind the underwear, as it is slightly different from other underwear,  it has no flexibility, as if you actually study concepts and believes in what is actually going in to the making of the design process. Then you look at the body and how it works, you have a lot of meridians, and a lot of pressure points, acupuncture and acupressure lines. These are very important, so working with them is a very good idea. As the first thing you may like to remember is that the waist and hip have the middle channel, and this governs your system and so your good will, which in turn affects your force, and  so  your life force, all your energy, therefore a person's time, space and the build up of there weight and mass.

 100% Organic Cotton Underwear

100% Organic Cotton Underwear

The principals are  to aid the removal of old stress DNA and RNA, so the genetic blueprint,   and placed and pertaining to the strain on this the body  from the life force and its level of functionality, so aiding the health of the body rotate and oscillate, and function properly, thus not inhibiting the bodies systems, so the central nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory, lymphatic, and the immune and pulmonary systems work in cohesive co-ordination, in a serene  and peaceful way. Not belittled  by harsh, un-environmentally friendly barriers.

The sizing  of the garment is simple, as you would with any other, items that you would wear, firstly measure your hips and this a is important, as these items do sit on the hips measurement, and then you have do this, add  some space as you would with a pair of jeans basically, you will  probably be the same size as you would be with your jeans if you have any. You need to remember, that there will be shrinkage, of about 6 - 10% at first, and if you wash your clothes on  a very hot washes then you will need to account for this as well, just consider  what you  require to do, as contemplating the process is sensible.

100% Organic Cotton Underwear (Women's & Girl's)

The Girl's & Boy's Underwear is made just like the adult's there are 4 sizes at present in each, and can be ordered for wholesale in color as there is no color stock at this time but can be dyed to order. All the underwear is made from 100% Organic Cotton and has a Organic Cotton/Hemp bag to package they are soft and the material has a good life longevity, and durability, that was produced in Indonesia. The design is the same as the style for the women's and men's as it is at present a very practical no fuss item.

The firm has in stock at present  a natural colour, if there is a need for larger wholesale order they can be made. The sizes we have at this time are: Large - 24, Medium - 22, Small - 20, XSmall - 18.  

 100% Organic Cotton Underwear

The underwear for Boys  is made in four sizes at present this are Small - 20, Medium - 22, Large - 24 , Extra Large - 26.

The firm has a stock at present in Natural colour, which is unbleached and 100% natural.

We all need our space, it's good  no matter what people's expectation are, as long as your comfortable and feel safe.