Hand Woven Products

Body Protection is the category that has clothing that are made for shielding the body from the outer world. As much as we would like it to be a healthy place at present it is a little perturbing at times, with all the wars and conflict here we are aiming for a little more inner peace, to aid the larger picture. Peace and harmony is more inline with the companies ethos, our product that we sell are made by crafts people who have the same ideals as our own. The handmade items that are on offer are hand loomed and need many hours of work to make, whether it is hand spinning or weaving and then natural dyeing processes all are made in an eco-friendly way to help the environment stay as healthy as possible.

The main source of the handwoven products is made from Hemp or Cotton depending on which country we are producing in the body protection garments are from Indonesia at present were the organic cotton is made from a good grade materials and fully Certified to healthy world standards​, we aim not to use synthetic fabrics at all, so if we can produce from recycled cotton we do as well. Anything to help the environment prosper we are open to, all hemp comes from other parts of Asia as well as there are many countries that have not stopped producing at all in the last few hundred years as it is a very sustainable crop. that will revolutionise the world and farming as a whole. 

The soft furnishings that we sell are made by hand in Bali and are hand loomed and dyed by one of the factories that we work with there. Whether it is floor sitting or just cushions that you like we have a good opinion of products for sale.

The products that the firm has been producing using materials from these countries, have been items like table wear and bathroom accessories face cloths, and clothing scarves at present. If you have a look at the apparel store page you can see the items there.