Tumbled Scuff Jewellery

Guidance & Inspiration

The collect necessities of being, that in a person's life, all needs to be sensible and very organised, so integrating all of these ideas, within the items produced. Thus creating working functional items, Energies that are living, and breathing energies and heal-able co. The products, being able  to aid the spirit world to teach, heal us and to protect us.

The restorative capabilities of the stones that are being used are many, and each has a description of the potential that can be achieved with each of the stones, there abilities with what  they can do  to aid us. The needs of the stones, and caring  for them so enabling there potential, so as to work in the world both the physical, metaphysical & spiritual.

Stone Mala

The firms beliefs, are easy, and would like to help people help heal themselves, so striving to create a standard, a level of contentment, bring about a harmony with nature. Healing mentally, physically & emotionally.

The stones have been chosen, for there specified aptitude, each giving different facility, thus freely sharing there information and calibration so vibration  simultaneously creating an environment, with the capacity to educate and formulate, a resonating field of energy.  Thus harnessing an elemental state to produce, a living field that sustains, as well as transforms, transmutes, and transfers elevating the conscious and so conscience & the vibration of the mind, body and soul, removing any degradation.

 Peridot Pendant & Steel Necklace

That may have amassed, aiding evolutionary patterns so obtaining, the serenity, sobriety  and fortitude to aid sustainability. Thus  gathering, and so being precipitated, and deposited in solid form, with solute, so depositing spatially  to facilitate a level of suspension for the energetic particles that give sustenance, thus giving  there dispersion,  functionality as well as form.  Within their own accord, giving basis for their own chord and so vibration.