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Hemp Buckled Boots

Hemp Buckled Boots

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The Boot is made of woven Hemp that comes from Europe, and lined with handwoven cotton from Bali Indonesia  and untanned leather we feel justified using other people residue as it is not farmed for the skin and so we recycle this and other parts of the body that are disposed off by the meat industry, with a recycled Motorcycle tyre sole.

This collection is a limited reserve as the, company considered that as the sole was not as recyclable as it would like, and in all eventuality, the item would probably have to be incinerated, well at least the sole, as all the rest is sustainable and would just biodegrade.

Wholesale Orders are of course possible, only we are changing the sole for a biodegradable one of leather.

There are a few sizes left below is a stock list of all boots available at present.


Turquoise, silver beads, with polished pearl beads, strung on steel with a silver 925 closer.


19 inch length

Care information

Turquoise is a very amicable stone, the wearer is aided to have the gift of good speech while enabling the other properties of the stone as well. The item is stung on steel wire that is good for aiding health as well.

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