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Kyanite Pendants

Kyanite Pendants

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Kyanite has many metaphysical properties, and is recognisable by its blue colour although there are variations in colour, as described below, and bladed structure. Crystals of aluminium silicate (Al2SiO5) are known as either "anadlusite", "sillimanite" or "kyanite", depending on the form of the crystalline solid - which is in turn due to the conditions under which its constituent elements of aluminium, silicon and oxygen solidified.

The crystals may appear to be slightly dull in colour when compared with other crystals such as those in the quartz family, and also to have a more grainy, sometimes even "flaky" appearance than is usually associated with crystals. Kyanite is of most interest for its metaphysical properties and associations, and is therefore used in jewellery - especially pendants.

Structures of Kyanite

Andalusite, kyanite, and sillimanite are an example of polymorphism because the conditions under which they were formed give rise to their structures. All three of these minerals have the same combination of chemical elements, as indicated by the chemical formula Al2SiO5. Andalusite is the least dense of this group, having been formed under the lowest pressure, whereas kyanite is the most dense due to formation under the highest pressure conditions. This is consistent with the closely packed structure of kyanite.

Kyanite crystals are formed according to triclinic crystal symmetry. This system of crystal symmetry consists of three axes, all of unequal length, and none at right-angles to the others. There is either a centre of symmetry, or no symmetry at all.

Distinguishing features of kyanite:

How to tell if a crystal is kyanite - as opposed to other similar materials - all of the following apply to kyanite:

Usually blue in colour, although some other colours e.g. black are also possible

Bladed habit (form)

Hardness in the range 6.5 to 7.5
Colours of Kyanite

The most well-known forms of kyanite are blue. The word "kyanite" is derived from a Greek word that means "blue". However, there is a range of colours and shades of kyanite, including black, blue, green, grey, white and, according to some texts even yellow and pink, although the latter are less common.


Turquoise, silver beads, with polished pearl beads, strung on steel with a silver 925 closer.


19 inch length

Care information

Turquoise is a very amicable stone, the wearer is aided to have the gift of good speech while enabling the other properties of the stone as well. The item is stung on steel wire that is good for aiding health as well.

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