Crystals & Ore Jewellery

The stones have all been hand chosen,  as they are all from many different places, the firm has aimed to put the stone in settings that would aid and unharness there properties each stone has a description of its  qualities,  and the best way in which to aid and keep  them.







                                                                                  Citrine Pendant

The stones have been chosen for their specified aptitude, each giving a different facility, all freely transferring their information. Thus simultaneously creating an environment, with the capacity to educate and formulate, a resonating field of energy. Thus harnessing all the elements to produce, a living state that sustains.  

As well as transforms, transmutes, and transfers elevating the conscious & vibration of mind, body and soul, removing any degradation, that may have amassed. Aiding the evolutionary patterns so obtaining, the serenity, sobriety and fortitude to aiding, therefore integrates, stability and sustainability.


So all dependant on each individual stone  they regather to heal, and so negativity dispelled, energy is being precipitated, and deposited in solid form, with solute.  So spatially, to facilitate a level of suspension and formulation for the energy particles that give sustenance, thus giving their dispersion, functionality, as well as form within their own cord, giving bases for their own accord, so resonating a healthy chord.

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