Soul Sub-Division 

This branch of Celabonline deals with footwear, from sandals to Boots, from Children to Adult’s. The impetus for the subdivision line was my father, he was a constante presents, from early childhood, telling me that my feet were very important, and that there space was of countermount significant so valuable with regards to having a profound effect on your life.

The fact that my own feet happen to be fairly small in the first, lead me to the need to start wearing children’s sizes then progressively moved on to start to design and have cobbled for me by good crafts people, the items that soon lead me, to the decision that it would to good to make more as if I needed. Then I was positive that there were more beings, especially growing children that needed healthy feet, as well as adults.

So started my embarkment on the journey for soul spatium (A nice Latin word for space).

The companies aim is to aid the structural development, to help the expanse that is necessary, of growth so obtaining the mind space for our soles to stay soul to soul.

The company does condone recycling and it does use untanned leather, as it does not believe in tainting the environment, and being a violation of others time, space or energy, or utilising others weight and mass.