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Hemp Sandals 

This Hemp strappy sandals are made of fine machine woven hemp that was produced in Portugal, and shipped to Asia and made in to sandals for the consciously minded people of the world to utilise as they would. The thread we use is 100% Organic certified cotton to stitch with as well so a product that is aiming for 100% sustainability, with a recycled leather untanned sole.















At present there is stock of this item, if a buyers are interested in the item for wholesale, then we are more than happy to consider them,  to do business with. The company can be contacted through the contact us page on the site, if also there is the need to produce more products with ourselves. 

                                                                 Indigo Dyed Sandals

The item comes in Natural, Indigo (Blue) and Black all vegetable natural dyes. 

                                                                   Black Dyed Sandal

Black Hemp Sandals
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